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Abdominal Imaging

Radiology Abdominal Imaging Physician Discussion
Radiology Abdominal Imaging Experts
Radiology Abdominal Imaging Exam
Radiology Abdominal Imaging Exam
Radiology Abdominal Imaging Physicians
Radiology Abdominal Imaging Exam

A national leader in body imaging

Staffed by nationally and internationally recognized radiologists with subspecialty training, the abdominal imaging section provides a full range of diagnostic images and image-guided therapies for patients experiencing abdominal and pelvic disorders.  The patient’s best interest and safety drives every decision we make. That’s why we use disease-specific protocols. These guidelines maximize imaging information and minimize patient exposure to radiation. They also allow for better outcomes.

Our equipment is among the most advanced equipment available. It includes ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), body and spiral CT scanners with 3D processing workstations. A leader in imaging services, we had the first CT scanner in North America and continue to provide the latest abdominal imaging procedures and applications.


Physician Spotlight: Cary Lynn Siegel, MD