Innovative Thinking and
Groundbreaking Results

MIR research is known for delivering transformative knowledge, developing innovative solutions and connecting health science to health care.

Our continuing culture of breakthrough discoveries is just one of the reasons we’re a consistent leader in NIH funding. Combine this with leading edge facilities, highly collaborative labs and a steadfast commitment to recruiting innovative thinkers, and you’ll understand why MIR sets the benchmark for radiology research.

Ranked 3rd in NIH funding by Blue Ridge Institute

 10 research facilities spanning nearly 35,000 sq. ft.

$40 million in externally sourced research revenue

Research Centers

Top-funded and highly cited collaborative investigators lead the way in advancing imaging technology and methods of radiological image interpretation.

Core Resources

MIR has 10 research facilities featuring cutting-edge equipment and spanning nearly 35,000 square feet across School of Medicine campus.


An interdisciplinary team of investigators with diverse areas of expertise working in some of the world’s most premier radiology research facilities.

Research Leadership

Meet the leaders behind a continuing culture of innovative and breakthrough discoveries in radiological science research.

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