“It’s my responsibility to tell people about my experience.”

– Christine Jochim
breast screening advocate and cancer survivor

Breast Imaging

Long a pioneer in the field of breast imaging, MIR provides a variety of progressive screening and diagnostic services throughout St. Louis and the surrounding areas. We’re also the radiology team behind Siteman Cancer Center, a national and international leader in cancer treatment, research and prevention.

3D Screening Mammography

3D screening mammography can help find breast cancer early, when it’s easier to treat. Simply put, those who get regular mammograms have a greater chance of recovery than those who do not.

Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic breast imaging investigates the cause of symptoms in breast tissue, such as lumps, pain or redness.

Breast Biopsy

A biopsy is a way to evaluate a suspicious area in your breast and can help determine whether you need additional surgery or other treatment.

Our Expertise

When it comes to breast health, MIR’s team of imaging experts provides the exceptional and experienced care you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a lot of information available online about breast imaging. Please be sure to check with your doctor about what the best prevention, care or treatment is for you.