Launch a Career in Radiology
Launch a Career in Radiology
MIR is the premier destination in radiology training
Why Mallinckrodt?
Why Mallinckrodt?
Our department chair explains
Clinical PET/MRI
Clinical PET/MRI
This hybrid procedure offers the best imaging at the lowest radiation dose possible.
In the Reading Room
In the Reading Room
Training the next generation of radiologists
Imaging now available in South County
Imaging now available in South County
Center for Advanced Medicine–South County open for business
MIR Physicians
MIR Physicians
World-class care for children and adults
Hands-on Training
Hands-on Training
Instruction from radiology leaders
Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE)
Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE)
An alternative to hysterectomy for women with severe uterine fibroids
Basic and Clinical Research
Basic and Clinical Research
Developing better ways to diagnose and treat disease
“Cancer Goggles” story nets local Emmy
“Cancer Goggles” story nets local Emmy
St. Louis, Missouri
St. Louis, Missouri
Gateway to the West

COVID-19 Updates

MRI Scanner

What we're doing to keep our patients safe during COVID-19.

Focal Spot | Winter 2020

Duncan, Bierhals and Grow

The latest issue of Focal Spot delves into how MIR keeps patients from getting lost in the health care system and how ultrasound is improving pregnancy outcomes in Uganda.

Focus on Health

People With Persistent Leg Pain After Blood Clot Needed for Study
3/5/2019 5:27 PM | Kristi Luther
Take Heart: 5 Tips for Cardiac Health
2/26/2019 2:40 PM | Kristi Luther
Autism Update: Wearable Brain-Imaging Tool for the Very Young
4/25/2018 1:17 PM | Mary Konroy
Childhood Tics May Persist Longer Than Previously Expected
4/18/2018 3:34 PM | Mary Konroy
Suite Deal: New IR Space Open for Business
3/20/2018 9:05 AM | Mary Konroy
Virtual Colonoscopy: What You Need to Know
3/16/2018 2:41 PM | Mary Konroy
A Five-Second Save for Christine
10/10/2017 4:27 PM | Marie Spadoni
13-Ton Wonder Used in Brain Imaging
7/21/2017 10:22 AM | Mary Konroy
Are Varicose Veins Preventing You From Showing Some Leg?
6/21/2017 12:35 PM | Mary Konroy
Gray Matters: Navigating the Brain During Neurosurgery
6/6/2017 3:50 PM | Mary Konroy

In The News

Amir Iravani Joins MIR Faculty
4/7/2020 12:19 PM | Kimberly Kania
MIR Research on Female Brain Age Featured on NPR
2/6/2019 4:24 PM | Kimberly Kania
Providing Radiology Relief to Syria
12/1/2017 4:46 PM | Mary Konroy
MIR Faculty Named to The Lancet Oncology Commission
11/20/2017 3:04 PM | Marie Spadoni
Hershey Named Lab Chief; Directs Neuroimaging Laboratory Where Her Career Began
7/28/2017 10:52 AM | Mary Konroy
Cardiovascular Imaging Agent Approved for Clinical Trials
7/27/2017 10:34 AM | Mary Konroy
Predicting Autism in High-Risk Infants
2/15/2017 10:35 AM | Mary Konroy
MIR Researchers Named Distinguished Investigators
11/28/2016 4:15 PM | Marie Spadoni
One of the Most Influential Brain Scientists
11/11/2016 9:58 AM | Mary Konroy
A Royal Appointment for Achilefu
11/7/2016 10:16 AM | Mary Konroy

Serving the Bi-State Area at Multiple Locations

Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology expert physicians care for patients at a variety of locations.

Barnes-Jewish Hospital (BJH) - North Campus Barnes-Jewish Hospital Center for Outpatient Health The Highlands Barnes-Jewish Hospital (BJH) - South Campus
Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital - Medical Office Building 1 Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital - Medical Office Building 2 Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital - Medical Office Building 3
Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital - 969 Building Siteman Cancer Center South County Siteman Cancer Center (Washington University Medical Center) St. Louis Children's Hospital
St. Louis Children's Hospital - Specialty Care Center Center for Advanced Medicine (CAM) Center for Advanced Medicine (CAM) - South County Mammography Van
Barnes-Jewish St. Peter's Hospital Progress West Hospital O'Fallon Convenient Care Habif Health & Wellness Center at Washington University (for Danforth Campus Students ONLY)
Grace Hill Soulard-Benton Health Center Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine (COSM)