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Lymphoma (order CPT code for area of greatest disease)

  • Chest w/ and w/o CPT code 71552
  • Abdomen w/ and w/o CPT code 74183
  • Pelvis w/ and w/o CPT code 72197
  • Any combination of the above

Multiple myeloma

  • Routine whole body staging CPT codes 74183 & 72197
    Order additional CPT code (i.e. lumbar spine CPT code 72158) if specific region is of concern

CPT code 74183

  • Adrenal lesion characterization
  • Renal lesion characterization
  • Liver/pancreas lesion characterization
  • For biliary process, pancreas mass, cholangiocarcinoma
    Add 3D CPT Code 76376

CPT codes 74183 & 72197

  • Metastatic work up
  • Abdomen or pelvis neoplasm staging
    – Ovarian cancer
    – Rectal cancer

CPT codes 74181 & 72195

Not typically performed without contrast; please consult radiologist to discuss alternative imaging.

CPT code 72197

  • Endometrial/cervical cancer
  • Pelvic mass
  • Rectal cancer

CPT code 71552

  • Primary lung and thoracic neoplasms, characterization of mediastinal mass or pleural disease
  • Chest wall mass; brachial plexus/pancoast tumor

CPT code 71550

Most indications require intravenous contrast. Please discuss with radiology prior to ordering.

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) CPT Codes

CPT code 78812

CPT code 78813

CPT codes 78811

Not all exams are available at all locations.