Safety First

Whether we’re addressing your concerns about radiation exposure or finding something unexpected on an exam, MIR always takes the extra steps necessary to deliver the best possible individualized care.

At MIR, our goal is to make sure we produce the highest quality images using the lowest possible dose of radiation. We follow special protocols to determine the best imaging exam for you, how to best perform it and the number of images needed to make a diagnosis. And our equipment is among the most advanced anywhere in the world.

Diagnostic imaging exams emit safe levels of radiation, but problems can occur with overuse and repeated exposure, especially in children and adolescents. MIR’s pediatric radiology team has been at the forefront of developing pediatric CT protocols. We’ve also instituted as an effective outreach program that ensures children receive the lowest possible dose of radiation while undergoing CT scans at hospitals throughout the BJC HealthCare system, including St. Louis Children’s Hospital.’

An incidental finding is an unanticipated finding on a patient’s image that requires additional follow up. MIR’s Incidental Findings Program aims to close the loop between the time our radiologists identify and report incidental findings on imaging scans to when next-step actions are taken. That could mean scheduling another scan, visiting a primary care physician or seeing an appropriate subspecialist.

If an incidental finding is identified, MIR will call the referring physician, notify them of the findings and recommended next steps. Other programs send notifications by text or email, but busy physicians may receive hundreds of these communications a day. A personal phone call ensures there is direct, one-to-one communication with someone who can take responsibility for further action on behalf of the patient.

MIR, along with Washington University Physicians and BJC HealthCare, continues to take all the necessary precautions to keep you safe as you receive the care you need.

For more information about protocols for onsite appointments, how to schedule a virtual visit, vaccine updates and more, go to Washington University Physicians or BJC HealthCare.