On Call / Night Float

  • Call duty begins the second year of training. At least three radiology residents share on-call responsibilities in the hospital from 5:00 pm-7:00 am on weekdays and around the clock on weekends and holidays.
  • Residents take call for three years with a break in the months preceding the American Board of Radiology Core Examination.
  • A night float system is used for most overnight call duty, and additional call shifts are scheduled to manage the busy periods in the evenings and during the day on weekends.
  • A large residency and individual class size keeps the volume of call shifts manageable and easily allows for call switches.
  • Residents cover the emergency department and hospital, providing interpretation for imaging studies performed after hours without on-site attendings.
  • When needed, on-call faculty and fellows are available for phone consultation and teleradiology image review.
  • Residents issue preliminary dictations on all studies they review while on call.
  • Residents have face-to-face readouts in the morning with subspecialty faculty who provide feedback on their interpretations.

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