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Neuroimaging Laboratory (NIL)

Radiology Neuroimaging Laboratory NIL

Helping to understand the human brain in normal and disease states

A leader in the field of neuroimaging, the Neuroimaging Laboratory (NIL) is a highly productive and cited research lab addressing cognitive and clinical neuroscience, aging and neurodevelopment, systems neuroscience and basic brain physiology using advanced imaging techniques. We are a large, interdisciplinary group comprised of 19 principal investigators from multiple departments at Washington University School of Medicine including radiology, neurology, anesthesiology and psychiatry.

The graph above illustrates the frequency of key words (larger font represents higher frequency) used in 993 manuscript titles from 2008-2012 published by NIL-associated faculty. Particular areas of emphasis include normal development and aging, Alzheimer's Disease, schizophrenia, depression, stroke recovery, Parkinson's disease, dystonia and development disorders in young children.