Neuroimaging Labs Research Center


Core Resources

MIR’s investigators have access to 10 research facilities featuring leading-edge equipment and spanning nearly 35,000 square feet across the School of Medicine campus.


Computational Core Services

The NIL-RC Computational Core provides free training and/or counsel on post-acquisition neuroimaging analyses for the Washington University neuroimaging community. Core areas of expertise include:

  • FreeSurfer and other FSL tools
  • 4dfp suite of tools
  • Connectome Workbench

Resting State

Diffusion Imaging

  • TBSS

Data Visualization

  • MATLAB images
  • Surface images (Connectome Workbench)

Evaluation of Incidental Finding on MRI images

  • Radiology clinical evaluation
  • Discussion/Recommendation with team and/or subject

SUV measurements for all PET tracers

Binding Potential Estimates for PET Tracers with Receptor-specific Affinities

  • Positron emission tomography (PET)
  • Computed tomography (CT)

IDDRC Services

The NIL-RC provides the following services related to the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center (IDDC):

  • Consultation on study design/planning, MRI sequence use and development, and PET development
  • Assistance in MRI data acquisition, PET data acquisition, quality control, and data archiving
  • Assistance in the processing of MRI and PET imaging data

To request IDDRC services, email Joshua Shimony, MD.

Our People

The NIL-RC provides a physical and intellectual environment that promotes collaborative, innovative and interdisciplinary neuroimaging research and supports the career development of students and junior faculty.

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