Molecular Imaging Physics & Instrumentation Laboratory Lab

The Tai Lab, also known as the Molecular Imaging Physics & Instrumentation Lab, develops high-resolution detectors, multi-modal imaging systems, and computational algorithms to improve clinical diagnostic accuracy, enable image-guided radiotheranostics, and translate advanced imaging technologies for biological and agricultural research.

Our People

The lab, led by Yuan-Chuan Tai, PhD, includes researchers and students with expertise in engineering, medical physics, computational techniques, and molecular imaging. We collaborate closely with investigators in the university’s McKelvey School of Engineering and the Donald Danforth Plant Sciences Center.


In collaboration with McKelvey School of Engineering, Siemens Molecular Imaging and the Donald Danforth Plant Sciences Center, the lab is focused in developing innovative imaging technologies and solutions.

Lab Resources

The lab is home to the PlantPET – a high-resolution PET scanner dedicated to plant imaging research in the Molecular Plant Imaging Lab.