Shoghi Lab

The Shoghi Lab’s research interests are multidisciplinary, spanning the biology of disease mechanisms, engineering, imaging sciences and informatics. We use computational systems biology and multi-scale computational imaging to quantify biological processes and identify therapeutic endpoints.

Our People

Members of the Shoghi Lab, led by Kooresh Shoghi, PhD, are individuals with diverse backgrounds working in a collegial and collaborative environment who are motivated to drive innovations in translational imaging research. Learn more about who we are and how to join our team.


Research projects in the Shoghi Lab encompass developing and validating imaging biomarkers, multi-scale bioinformatics analyses, computational biology, and quantitative imaging in an integrated framework to interrogate disease biology and therapeutic efficacy.

Lab Life

Check out all the news and fun happening in the Shoghi Lab, from poster presentations and science retreats, to lab dinners and outings.