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OASIS-3 includes x 2000 MRI scans in more than 1000 research participants from the Knight Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC), available as an open access data set. For more information or to request access, visit Oasis Brains.

For all of our research projects, both the source imaging data (DICOM) and processed variables are available for sharing with both internal and external investigators. All MRI and PET data is based on FreeSurfer segmentation. Here is a visual example of FreeSurfer regions.

  • Imaging for healthy aging and Alzheimer’s disease includes longitudinal MRI in an active combined cohort of more than 800 participants from the Knight ADRC, from age 45 to over 100 years of age. Standard protocols include volumetric, DTI, ASL, and rs-fcMRI, and standard clinical sequences to assess for microhemorrhages and white matter hyperintensities.
  • Brain tumor studies include structural MRI and metabolic MRI using MROMI and qBOLD in the setting of glioma and post-radiation change
  • For a large subset of the sporadic Alzheimer’s disease cohort at Washington University, cross-sectional and longitudinal amyloid imaging with [11C]-Pittsburgh Compound B (PiB) PET is available. We also have a number of scans with [18F]-florbetapir (AV45) amyloid imaging and have also acquired over 100 AV-1451 (T807) tau PET scans.
  • A data set of 100 scans with PiB and AV45 in the same participants (within a 2 week window) is available for sharing.
  • Brain tumor studies include structural MRI and metabolic PET using FDG and [15O} in the setting of glioma and post-radiation change. Brain tumor studies with FDOPA PET.
  • Standard extracted variables on deposit include FreeSurfer 5.0 or 5.3 QC’d and processed hippocampal and structural segmentations for over 1700 MRI imaging sessions. Standardized PET processing includes binding potentials and SUVRs, with and without partial volume corrections, 800 processed PiB PET scans for amyloid.

For further details of the protocols or cohorts, please email Russ Hornbeck.

Data access for Alzheimer’s disease studies can be requested online at the following locations:

MRI and PET Safety Information

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