Molecular Radiotherapy + Imaging Laboratory

The Thorek Lab, also known as the Molecular Radiotherapy + Imaging Laboratory, focuses on research at the intersection of quantitative imaging and targeted therapeutics. Using advanced model systems of disease with noninvasive measures of treatment response, we seek to develop and optimize treatments to inform patient management and to improve outcomes. We apply a modality-agnostic approach, with a strong emphasis on physical and computational methods. The questions we ask are intended to reveal or overcome persistent challenges in the field of cancer treatment and infectious disease characterization, with a collaborative team-science approach.

Our People

The lab, led by Daniel Thorek, PhD, leverages multidisciplinary excellence in the areas of radiology, radiation oncology and engineering to drive innovation for translational impact.


Our work is focused on revealing underlying mechanisms of disease biology and translating these insights into clinical practice by improving diagnosis and integrating novel therapeutic approaches.