Neuroscience and Precision Psychiatry Lab

The Marek Lab, also known as the Neuroscience and Precision Psychiatry (NAPP) Lab, specializes in pediatric neuroimaging, with a focus on mapping of individual brains and Big Data. We use existing consortia data (e.g., ABCD Study) and in-house data collection towards our long-term goal of uncovering reproducible and generalizable links between the developing brain and a multitude of life factors, ranging from socioeconomics to cognition and psychopathology.


The lab, led by Scott Marek, PhD, leverages multidisciplinary expertise in the areas of radiology, neuroscience, psychiatry and engineering to promote a more reproducible and generalizable program of research towards ultimate clinical translation.


The NAPP Lab uses both individual-specific and large consortia MRI and fMRI data, primarily in developmental samples, to identify links between the developing brain and the life factors shaping brain development.