Neuroinformatics Research Group

Our People

Daniel S. Marcus, PhD
Director, Computational Imaging Research Center
Mikhail V. Milchenko, PhD
Assistant Professor of Radiology
Stephen M. Moore
Assistant Professor of Radiology

Administrative Assistant 
Cathy Gezella

Application Developer 
Will Horton (application developer & UI/UX designer)
Matt Kelsey
Andy Lassiter
Lauren Wallace

Clinical Research Coordinator 
Pamela LaMontagne, PhD

CNDA Operations Manager
Jenny Gurney

Research Statistician
Petra Lenzini

Research Statistician
Petra Lenzini

Senior Application Developer
Rick Herrick
Mike Hodge (senior application developer & system administrator)

Research Programmer 
Mois├ęs Baltazar Garcia
Yash Thacker

Graduate Students
Hossein Mohammadian Foroushani
Satrajit Chakrabarty

Job Opportunities

Visit the Opportunities page to find open positions.

To be considered for future openings, email your CV to Daniel Marcus, PhD.

Student Opportunities

Summer research internships are available for undergraduate and medical students within the Neuroinformatics Research Group through the Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology’s Summer Research Program. Past summer interns have worked on development projects related to imaging and clinical informatics.

If you are interested in pursuing a degree in computer science, data science, data visualization, or user interface design and development, we may have an internship position available for you.

Learn more here.

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