Personomics Lab

The Personomics Lab, led by Janine Bijsterbosch, PhD, aims to understand how brain connectivity patterns differ from one person to the next by studying the personalized connectome. Using population datasets such as the UK Biobank, the Personomics Lab adopts cutting edge computational techniques to improve the interpretability and reliability of resting state functional connectivity networks and investigate multimodal brain correlates of mental health disorders such as depression.

Our People

The Personomics Lab is a diverse and interdisciplinary team with a research focus on studying complex connectivity patterns and their relation to health and disease.


The Personomics Lab is working on multiple projects with the ultimate aim of understanding individual differences in connectivity and their potential to predict risk and resilience to disease cross-diagnostically.

Lab Resources

Here you can find primers on MRI-based neuroimaging research, code sharing and more.

Lab Life

Enjoying time outside the lab — whether hiking through Missouri parks or celebrating successful grant submissions — is a key part of our lab culture.