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Designing Optical Tools for Insights Into Pathogenic Role and Expression of VLA4 in Multiple Myeloma

Ablation of VLA4 in multiple myeloma cells redirects tumor spread and prolongs survival

The Shokeen Lab evaluated a VLA4 selective near infrared fluorescent probe, LLP2A-Cy5, for in vitro and in vivo optical imaging of VLA4. This provided new insights into the pathogenic role of VLA4 in multiple myeloma, and evaluates an optical tool to measure its expression in preclinical models.

Targeting of NIR Labelled Anti-CD38 Antibody-drug Conjugates in Preclinical Multiple Myeloma

Tissue biodistribution and tumor targeting of near-infrared labelled anti-CD38 antibody-drug conjugate in preclinical multiple myeloma

In this study, we evaluated the anti-tumor efficacy of DARA conjugated to the maytansine derivative, mertansine (DM1), linked via a non-cleavable bifunctional linker. Such imaging techniques as near-infrared (NIR) fluorophore IRDye800 can be utilized to evaluate other conjugates in preclinical MM models on a whole-body and cellular level.

Imaging of Bone Marrow With MRI

There is a need for non-invasive, non-ionizing, longitudinal, preclinical methods for assessing changes in the bone marrow microenvironmental factors during disease progression and following therapy. Our recent work demonstrated the feasibility of preclinical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for longitudinal imaging of diffuse tumor burden in a syngeneic, immunocompetent model of intramedullary multiple myeloma. The results highlighted preclinical MRI markers for assessing tumor burden and bone marrow heterogeneity following proteasome (bortezomib) therapy, and demonstrated the application of longitudinal imaging with preclinical MRI in an immunocompetent, intramedullary setting.

Development and Evaluation Of Cd38 Targeted Optical and Nuclear Imaging Agents for Cancer and Age Related Disease

An exciting new direction in the Shokeen Lab is the development of CD38 targeted imaging agents that will help stratify patients for targeted therapies, minimizing off-target toxicities and reduce unnecessary treatment of patients not likely to respond. These studies seek to contribute toward technological advancements in diagnostic and therapeutic monoclonal antibody and novel small molecule based radiopharmaceutical development for various applications.

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