Liver Radiotheranostics Group

The Malone Lab, also known as the Liver Radiotheranostics Group, unifies and harnesses advances in theranostic-driven, radiopharmaceutical-based depth-independent radiation and phototherapy with selective minimally invasive image-guided delivery of therapeutics to tumors. Our focus is liver cancer, primarily hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). In addition, we are interested in understanding the biological underpinnings of patient response or resistance to image guided therapies for liver cancer.

Our People

The lab, led by interventional radiologist Christopher Malone, MD, is an interdisciplinary team merging clinical and basic science fields to optimize outcomes and enhance our understanding of patient response to image guided therapies for liver cancer.


Our research aims to optimize liver cancer care through improving the efficacy of Y-90 radioembolization and understanding the biological underpinnings of response to liver directed therapies in patients with HCC.

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