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Core Resources

MIR’s investigators have access to 10 research facilities featuring leading-edge equipment and spanning nearly 35,000 square feet across the School of Medicine campus.

Bruker System

The MS FX Pro In Vivo Bruker system provides a range of imaging options, including:

  • multispectral fluorescence, luminescence, radioisotopic and X-ray imaging in one system
  • confirming ex vivo validation
  • developing fluorescent probes
  • tracking NIR fluorescent nanoparticles, peptides or proteins
  • quantifying changes in localization and tumor burden
  • screening radioisotopic probes in multiple animals
  • studying changes in bone density or perform ex vivo validation

Optix MX3

Features of the Optix MX3 optical molecular imaging system with NKT Photonics SuperK Extreme supercontinuum laser include:

  • high brightness diffraction limited light in the entire 400-2400 nm region.
  • ability to generate a quantitative data set in small animal research
  • measurement of lights’ time of arrival, it is able to detect target signals within the organs of small animals
  • recovering fluorescence lifetime, which can be used to separate and quantify fluorescent probe distributions depending on their respective biochemical environment

MSOT inVision

The MultiSpectral Optoacoustic Tomography (MSOT) is an optoacoustic imaging system that:

  • provides real-time imaging for small animals
  • visualizes and quantifies optoacoustic contrast
  • allows oxygenation state characterization and spatial distributions of hypoxia
  • allows insight into biological processes and the kinetics of pharmacological substances
  • is capable of generating a saturation of oxygen value (SO2) via oxygenation and deoxygenation data

Services & Technology

In addition to a range of imaging systems, the BRC provides the following:

  • Synthesis of optical and multimodal imaging agent
  • Polarization imaging
  • Functional connectivity imaging
  • Cell and tissue culture
  • Peptide synthesis
  • Organic fluorescent reporters
  • pH Sensitive NIR Probes
  • Nanomaterial synthesis

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For more information or to schedule imaging time, email Julie Prior.

Our People

Our interdisciplinary and collaborative team of biologists, chemists, engineers, medical scientists and physicists are focused on developing complete solutions — from conception to implementation, and validation to human clinical care. 

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