Center for Clinical Imaging Research

Frequently Asked Questions

The Center for Clinical Imaging Research (CCIR) is a 9,000-square foot, leading-edge imaging facility located on the 10th floor of Barnes-Jewish Hospital’s West Pavilion on the south campus of Washington University Medical Center.

The CCIR provides a full range of biomedical imaging services to support clinical research projects, including:

  • Pre-study services that help investigators design, set up and kick off the study
  • Coordinating services, including scanning, that provide assistance in executing, monitoring and evaluating the study
  • Information technology management services to handle, track and process imaging data.

The CCIR can interface with any research group at Washington University School of Medicine that requires state-of-the-art hardware and assistance utilizing biomedical imaging technologies. The facility is available to all departments and investigators, including external research collaborators and pharmaceutical companies.

All research proposals submitted to the CCIR are reviewed by the CCIR Operations Team. Once the study’s feasibility is confirmed, the proposal is forwarded to the CCIR Executive Committee for final review and approval.

Data from research studies/projects conducted in the CCIR can be routed directly to any one of a number of locations specified by the principal investigator. In addition, as a safeguard and backup measure, all data is automatically routed to the CCIR data repository.

Routine data processing/analysis services can be obtained through the CCIR. Costs for these services are based on an hourly rate and will depend on the details and complexity of the request.

Each imaging modality has a standard set of QC/QA procedures that are executed on a regular basis by the CCIR staff. In most cases, these tests verify that the hardware meets the minimum level of performance as defined by the vendor. Additional tests deemed important by the research investigator can be integrated into a research protocol.

The CCIR uses iLab to manage all studies. You will need to enter the project in WUSTL iLab. Videos are available to learn more about the following:

Directions to our facilities, patient orientation videos and other helpful information can be found on the Current Study Participants page.