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We specialize in blood vessel disorders of the brain and neck.

Interventional neuroradiology is also called endovascular neurosurgery and it's primarily used to treat cerebrovascular disease.Cerebrovascular diseases impair blood flow to the brain which impedes the flow of nutrients to the brain. We use image-guided and minimally-invasive techniques to diagnose cerebrovascular disease and to restore blood flow. Most of our work is performed within the blood vessels of the neck and brain.

Our interventional neuroradiology service offers a full range of therapies and our experienced physicians rank among the 'Best Doctors' in the nation. Patients coming to the interventional neuroradiology service are also evaluated by our colleagues in the Department of Neurology and Neurological Surgery, and the Division of Vascular Surgery to determine optimal treatment.

No other regional institution compares better than us in terms of staff, expertise and equipment. We have three interventional radiologists (INR), dedicated INR technologists and nurses; two new INR suites; and an extensive device and equipment inventory.

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