Interventional Neuroradiology

What is Interventional Neuroradiology?

Interventional neuroradiology (INR) is a specialty dedicated to treating disorders of the blood vessels in the brain (cerebrovascular disease), spine, head and neck. And no one has more experience in the region than MIR. Often utilizing catheters and image-guided techniques, most INR (also called endovascular neurosurgery) procedures are performed through blood vessels rather than through open surgery.

Why MIR for INR?

World experts Interventional neuroradiologists from all over the world come to us for training. 

Long history We boast one of the oldest INR divisions and INR training programs in the country.

Deep experience Case volumes are high, and fellow experts in the field often send us the hardest cases they have. 

Full range of treatment options As a highly experienced site, we are often given early access to cutting-edge devices and treatments. 

Multidisciplinary approach MIR patients are considered for all treatment options, which ensures the safest and best approach for their particular situation. 

For a consultation, please fill out the form below or contact Bridget Filiput, BSN, Nurse Coordinator for the Interventional Neuroradiology Service: filiputb@mir.wustl.edu or by phone: (314) 362-5580.