Our Resident Voice

“The upper years definitely inspire us every day to continue to be better.”

Caroline Robb, MD

R2, DX

“When I was on my interview tour, Dr. Bill Middleton introduced himself as Bill, and I laughed and said ‘I can’t call you Bill. I just read your textbook.’”

Omar McCarty, MD

R2, DX

“When I was a first year, my mentor Sanjeev Bhalla told me he considers me his most junior colleague as opposed to a resident.”

Krishna Patel, MD

R3, DX

“It just shows that the leadership here values diversity and includes new moms’ integration into the workforce.”

Mariya Kristeva, MD

R1, DX

“Mallinckrodt has some of the best faculty in the world. You’re on a first name basis in the reading room…and you get a really good education.

Ami Trivedi, MD

R1, DX

“You’ll not only get the excellent fundamentals of how to interpret studies, but you’ll also get exposure to organizations and chances to publish and get involved in medical student education.”

Philip Velez, MD

R3, IR

Our Residents

MIR’s nationally recognized interventional radiology residency program attracts some of the best and brightest minds in medicine.

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