Alumni Spotlight

MIR boasts the world’s largest network of radiology alumni, many of whom hold leadership positions in clinical care, research and teaching.

“When I came for my visit and saw Mallinckrodt, it was eye opening. Frankly, it was a little like Disneyland. Seeing a multistory building dedicated strictly to radiology was extraordinary. The amount of resources dedicated to this one specialty was incredibly impressive to someone entering the field.”

Sean Pierce, MD (Class of ’99)

Chair, Department of Radiology
Hackensack University Medical Center

“When I told my mentor at UCSD that I had turned down an interview at Mallinckrodt to stay in San Diego, she said, ‘Are you crazy? You turned down an interview at Mallinckrodt?’”

David Youmans, MD (Class of ’95)

Former Department Chair, Princeton Radiology
Penn Medicine Princeton Health

“When I joined the private practice world, I found that I immediately had the breadth and depth of knowledge to practice successfully in that environment and to provide ‘added value.’”

John Neil, MD (Class of ’98)

Executive Vice President, HonorHealth
Scottsdale, Arizona

“I wanted to do research and be in academics. When first visiting, I was struck by the Mallinckrodt ‘tower’ being in the center of the hospital. It visually makes the point of how important radiology is to the medical center and embodies our specialty’s central role.”

Bonnie Joe, MD, PhD (Class of ’02)

Chief of Breast Imaging
University of California, San Francisco

“MIR’s facilities are phenomenal and the best of any place I visited — no place had a 12-floor radiology building — and there was such a breadth of experience. I made the right choice and never looked back.”

Michelle Dorsey, MD (Class of ’95)

Chief Medical Officer, VA Desert Pacific Healthcare
Long Beach, California

“I applied initially because I had heard it was such a good program. But when I came for my interview, I was struck by how Mallinckrodt had a much more relaxed atmosphere than I expected. People didn’t wear their CVs on their sleeves.”

Christine Peterson, MD (Class of ’05)

Associate Professor of Radiology
Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center