Alum Donates Sculpture Dedicated to MIR

Image of an MIR alumni and sculptor named Santiago Medina working with a sculpture that he donated to MIR

Former MIR resident L. Santiago Medina, MD (’94), is not only a skilled pediatric neuroradiologist, but also a highly accomplished sculptor. His acclaimed works, often stainless steel or bronze sculptures, can be found at Harvard School of Public Health, Stanford University Children’s Hospital, Tufts University and now … Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology.

The sculpture, titled Innovation, is inspired by “the process of starting from old rusted ideas and carving new shiny pathways of knowledge,” said Medina. “Innovation is always in flux, never still — always changing and breaking new ground.”

Medina, currently at Miami Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, dedicated the sculpture to “past and present Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology faculty who inspired all of us to learn, innovate and lead.”

The sculpture is located near the elevators in the MIR lobby.