When Your Child Needs a CT, MRI or PET Scan

Jim Duncan, MD, PhD, knows a thing or two about imaging exams for kids. Duncan is a professor of radiology and vice chair for quality and safety at Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology, which provides imaging services at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. And, as a father, he’s also aware of the anxiety parents feel when it’s their child who needs a CT, MRI or PET scan.

Duncan advises parents to look for doctors who specialize and have lots of experience in pediatric radiology. Expertise is built on experience and chances are a pediatric radiologist has seen a situation similar to what your child is facing, Duncan says. “It’s always possible that something new will arise, but (at Mallinckrodt) we’ve learned common themes as well as common variations on those themes.”

Here are a few more reasons why, when it comes to pediatric imaging, it matters where you go.

  • Accuracy: Every radiology test at Children’s Hospital and its new Specialty Care Center is read by a Mallinckrodt radiologist nationally certified in pediatric radiology.
  • Safety: Mallinckrodt radiologists make every effort to avoid exposing your child to unnecessary radiation, especially if another test can do the job.
  • Advanced equipment: We use the most advanced imaging technology for pediatric patients in the area

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