Gordon Precision Neuroimaging Lab

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Cortical Parcellation (download here)
Gordon et al. (2016), Cerebral Cortex

Group Average Brain Network Maps (download here)
Lauman et al. (2015). Neuron
Gordon et al. (2017), Neuron

Midnight Scan Club Codebase
Gordon et al. (2017), Neuron
Gordon et. al (2018), Neuron

Midnight Scan Club Dataset
Gordon et al. (2017), Neuron


The Dosenbach Lab, led by Nico Dosenbach, PhD, aims to better understand use-driven brain plasticity using structural and functional MRI in combination with behavioral phenotyping techniques.

To learn more, visit the Dosenbach Lab website.

The Gratton Lab aims to define individual-specific functional neuroanatomy using fMRI, EEG, and TMS technology for precision psychology.

To learn more, visit the Gratton Lab website.

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