Hershey Lab

Our People

Sarah A. Eisenstein, PhD
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Tamara Hershey, PhD
Director, Neuroimaging Labs Research Center
Mary Katherine O. Ray, PhD
Instructor in Psychiatry

Clinical Research Coordinator
Alana McMichael

Clinical Research Study Assistant
Jaridd Albert

Clinical Research Supervisor
Tasha Doty

Project Manager
Beth Beato

Senior Clinical Research Coordinator
Samantha Ranck

Senior Neuroimaging Engineer
Jon Koller
Heather Lugar
Jerrel Rutlin

Study Nurse
Mary Borgschulte

Undergraduate Students
Jorie Fleming
Adrian Li

Job Opportunities

Visit the Opportunities page to find open positions.

To be considered for future openings, email your CV to Tamara Hershey, PhD.

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