Computational Imaging Research Center


Core Resources

MIR’s investigators have access to 10 research facilities featuring leading-edge equipment and spanning nearly 35,000 square feet across the School of Medicine campus.

Support Services

The CIRC actively pursues research in advanced image reconstruction algorithms that can be applied both in biomedical research and in advanced security applications. Our support services include:

  • Development of machine learning and other computational approaches across a range of imaging modalities including MRI, PET, CT and mammography
  • Development of the open-source XNAT imaging informatics platform
  • Management of multicenter studies to enable collection of image data with de-identification, clinical data and report of information

Multidisciplinary Collaboration

The CIRC collaborates with multidisciplinary investigators to perform research in a variety of areas, including:

  • Information systems to support clinical and translational research
  • Advancing imaging science in the areas of image analysis, data modeling, image reconstruction and information processing
  • Image repository containing de-identified images
  • Algorithm and open source software development
  • Academic Research Organization (ARO)
  • Imaging mensuration methods

Training Opportunities

CIRC faculty members mentor students in a variety of engineering, DBBS and informatics graduate programs. Please contact individual faculty members to inquire about available research opportunities.

The CIRC offers summer training opportunities for undergraduates with an interest in computational imaging. Skills in one or more of the following areas are encouraged:

  • Software programming (Java, Python, C/C++, Matlab)
  • Database development
  • Image visualization
  • Image feature extraction
  • Mathematical modeling and computation
  • Artificial intelligence

Washington University Neuroimaging Community (WUNIC)

WUNIC is an informal collection of researchers across the Washington University campus that have a vested interest in neuroimaging research. Visit the WUNIC website for relevant resources or to sign up for the mailing list.

Our People

CIRC faculty and staff have ongoing research efforts in advanced image reconstruction, artificial intelligence, quantitative image analysis, research data management, and clinical informatics.

Labs in the CIRC

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