Zheng Lab

Our People

Jie Zheng, PhD
Associate Professor of Radiology

Graduate Students
Ran Li
Ryan Wahidi
Carley DeGennaro

Student Opportunities

The Zheng Lab is delighted to provide training to undergraduate, graduate and medical students who have mutual interest in cardiovascular imaging research. Collaboration with experts in other imaging modalities (PET, ultrasound, CT, photoacoustic, etc.) has great benefits to move the research field forward. Applications of advanced cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging in preclinical and clinical studies are also of strong interest to this lab.

For more information on student opportunities, email Jie Zheng, PhD.

Job Opportunities

Visit the Opportunities page to find open positions.

To be considered for future openings, email your CV to Jie Zheng, PhD.


Projects in the Zheng Lab include quantification of myocardial oxygen extraction ratio (OEF) and oxygen consumption (MVO2) as a function of myocardial blood volume and flow using BOLD effects.