Optical Spectroscopy Core Facility

Services & Equipment

Fluorescence Spectrophotometer 300–1600 nm (Horiba)

  • Polarizers: The system is equipped with automated polarizers for both S and T sides and a manual polarizer for lifetime measurements.
  • Fast kinetics: The system has an external stopped flow unit for measuring rapid kinetics of chemical reactions.
  • Attached microscope
  • Variety of detectors

Fluorescence Spectrophotometer 200–850 nm (ISS Inc.)

  • Emission 200–850 nm.
  • Frequency domain lifetime measurement,
  • T-format and parallel beam optical design for fast polarization measurements
  • Full automation of all instrument components (cuvette holder, polarizers, shutters, filter wheel, monochromators, and stirrers)
  • PC-controlled temperature from -20 to +120°C

Absorption Spectrophotometer 600–1600 nm (Olis Inc.)

  • Absorption 600–1600 nm, Hummingbird double grating monochromator
  • Temperature-controlled cuvette holder
  • Two thermoelectrically cooled to -40°C InGaAs detectors
  • Variety of light sources, including a Xe lamp and a halogen lamp

Facility Rates

  • Training
    $100 per 2-hour session
    (two people per session limit)
  • Self Use
    $25 per hour
  • Assisted Use
    $70 per hour

For Washington University users who have limited funds, $500 in developmental funds is available.

  • Training
    $160 per 2-hour session
    (two people per session limit)
  • Facility Use
    $40 per hour
  • Assisted Use
    $115 per hour

If you have any questions or would like more information, email Mikhail Berenzin, PhD.


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