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BLI Imaging

Xenogen IVIS 50

We provide assisted and unassisted imaging, access to d-luciferin substrate, and data analysis with the IVIS 50 bioluminescent system which provides sensitive and quantitative imaging in vivo, and is capable of imaging  bioluminescent reporters. High-throughput mouse BLI imaging is possible with the IVIS systems. The IVIS can image Petri dishes, micro-titer plates and mice. The system includes animal handling features like a heated stage and isoflurane anesthesia connections.

Fluorescence Imaging

FMT 4000 Fluorescence Molecular Tomography

FMT 4000 Fluorescence Molecular Tomography in vivo imaging system utilizes fluorescent molecular tomographic technology to image animal models using fluorescent in vivo imaging agents and can generate non-invasive, deep tissue quantitative data. Our FMT 4000 system offers four channels that enable a broader spectral fluorescence range for multiplexing of fluorescent agents and dyes and allows users to tomographically quantify a range of in vivo imaging biomarkers, disease paths and therapeutic response levels in vivo.

Optoacoustic Imaging

MSOT inVision

Optoacoustic imaging is an imaging modality which uses optical excitation and acoustic detection to create images of tissues and their structure based on optical absorption within the tissue. Essentially, the light enters and sound exits to provide the data. With this MSOT system, you can image small animals in vivo and in real time as it acquires high resolution and cross-sectional images to visualize and quantify optoacoustic contrast. This system combines the deep penetration abilities of ultrasound with optical spatial resolutions to produce the real-time data.

3D Fluorescence & 3D Bioluminescence

IVIS Spectrum CT- Perkin Elmer

The IVIS Spectrum CT provides a full suite of features including spectral unmixing, 2D and 3D quantitative bioluminescence, and fluorescence with fast and low dose CT imaging with 3D reconstruction. The system also provides sensitive and quantitative imaging in vivo of bioluminescent reporters and fluorescence with a wide rage of wavelengths between 440-840 nm along with DyCE dynamic enhanced imaging for real time distribution studies of both fluorochromes or PET tracers. The IVIS can image cell plates, petri dishes and mice both in vivo and ex vivo.


  • Integrated optical and microCT technology
  • 3D optical tomography for fluorescence and bioluminescence
  • Discrete filters from 490–850 nm
  • Cerenkov imaging for optical radiotracer imaging
  • Infrared imaging capabilities
  • 2D fluorescence and bioluminescence optical imaging in vivo and ex vivo

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