Center for High Performance Computing

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Access to a professionally managed High Performance Computing System (2,500 high speed processors configured in both a distribute processing cluster and 7 high capacity, large memory symmetric multiprocessing units, 19 TB of memory, and 150 TB of internal high speed shared storage)
  • Access to over 130 pre-installed software packages that support molecular modeling, genomic analysis, advanced imaging, statistics and mathematical analysis
  • Access to software development tools including all common MPI libraries
  • Support for user access and the ability to request new software be added to the system
  • Consultation with CHPC staff on parallel computing and software optimization
  • Easy access to parallel computing through MATLAB, based on a 256-worker license for the MATLAB Distributed Computing Server and the MATLAB Parallel Computing Toolbox

Our third generation cluster was designed in collaboration with our chosen vendor, Advanced Clustering Technologies, to meet our current and future computing needs with an emphasis on human imaging processing and deep learning, integrating twenty V100S General Purpose Graphical Processing Units (GPGPUs).

The total system offers a theoretical maximum single-precision computation capacity of 776 TFLOPS (quadrillion floating point operations per second) and double-precision computation capacity of 388 TFLOPS.

The internal networking is based on Mellanox InfiniBand (IB) High Dynamic Range (HDR) switch. The outgoing network is protected by Washington University Next Generation Data Center firewall.

Usage is free to all faculty from contributing departments at Washington University. If you’re eligible, start by completing an Account Request Form.

Below are steps required for an outside collaborator to access CHPC resources:

  • You must have a sponsor at Washington University to get a guest WUSTL key
  • Use your WUSTL key to complete a Guest Account Request Form
  • Complete HIPAA-like training at your home institution or HIPAA 1010 training at Washington University
  • Someone at Washington University must request VPN access through the university’s IT department.