Diane S. Abou, PhD

Assistant Professor of Radiology

Thorek Lab
Diane S. Abou, PhD, is an assistant professor of radiology for Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Her research involves the development, characterization and application of novel and existing imaging and therapy radiopharmaceuticals with the goal of improved cancer therapy. One of her areas of interest includes 223Ra/227Th microgenerator and automation, where she studies the chemical properties of alpha particle emitting radionuclides by optimizing in-house supply of Radium-223 and Thorium-227 utilizing a resin-based microgenerator initiated from trace sources of Actinium-227. Abou also studies 223Ra, 225Ac and 227Th radioimmunotherapies. She develops and evaluates novel therapeutic constructs for targeted alpha particle radiotherapy and investigate questions for clinical radiopharmacy in this emerging field. Another project of Abou’s is improving radium-223 dichloride for prostate cancer therapy. Together with the Thorek Lab, her team investigates mechanisms of Radium-223 pharmacokinetics in favor of a 223Ra-increased delivery to bones and decreased background uptake, utilizing a combination drug approach. Her discoveries demonstrate enhanced therapeutic efficacy of Radium-223 in bone metastatic prostate cancer models. Finally, Abou is involved with the MIR Cyclotron Facility’s clinical production and quality control of Actinium-225 and Thorium-227 radiopharmaceuticals for patient treatment in partnership with clinical trial programs.

Research Interests

Targeted radiotherapy, alpha particle emitting therapy, radiochemistry, metal radionuclide chelation Chemistry, preclinical and clinical developments for nuclear imaging and therapy of cancers

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Education History


Delft University of Technology


University of Montpellier


European Association of Nuclear Medicine
Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging


2020 Young Investigator Award, Therapy Center of Excellence, SNMMI
2019 Image of the Year Award, MILabs
2015 Junior Faculty Award, SNMMI Education and Research Foundation
2013 Scholar In Training Aflac Award, American Association of Cancer Research
2011 Scholar In Training Dr. Axel Ullrich Award, American Association of Cancer Research
2005 Marie Curie Fellow, European Commission for Research and Innovation

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