Chaney Joins Precision Radiotheranostics Translation Center Faculty

Headshot of Aisling M. Chaney, PhD, assistant professor of radiology.

Aisling Chaney, PhD, joins the Precision Radiotheranostics Translation Center (PRTC) at Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology (MIR) as an assistant professor.

Chaney’s research focuses on investigating system biological immune responses in neurodegenerative disease. She uses various PET radiotracers to detect brain and whole-body inflammation and links these imaging biomarkers to underlying blood and tissue cellular and molecular readouts using appropriate techniques. Chaney was awarded the World Molecular Imaging Conference Young Investigator Award in 2019 for her work on TREM1-PET to track CNS-infiltrating peripheral myeloid cells.

Chaney previously worked at Stanford University as a postdoctoral fellow in the radiology department. She earned her doctorate in neurosciences from the Imaging Sciences and Biomedical Engineering Center at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom.