Shokeen Lab Publishes Paper in Molecular Imaging Biology

Figure from a paper published by Monica Shokeen, PhD, and her lab depicting non-invasive imaging of cancerous bone marrow regions in mice.

Members of the Shokeen Molecular Imaging Lab published their recent study in Molecular Imaging Biology demonstrating how cluster of differentiation 38 (CD38) could be a promising therapeutic target in multiple myeloma patients.

The investigators used near-infrared fluorescence imaging to monitor spatiotemporal CD38 expression in preclinical multiple myeloma with the anti-CD38 daratumumab (DARA) conjugated to the NIR fluorophore IRDye800CW (DARA-IRDye800). They found that DARA-IRDye800 could be a promising contrast agent for preclinical evaluation of CD38 expression, opening up the possibility of further investigations of myeloma engraftment and kinetics in relation to anti-CD38 therapies.

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