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Small-Animal Magnetic Resonance Facility

Washington University Small-Animal MR Facility Charges
(East Building, 4525 Scott Avenue: 314-747-1364)

Non-Corporate-Sponsored WU-Research*: Scanner Use / Basic Image Processing
Scanner charging rates for non-corporate-sponsored research employing the Small-Animal MR Facility in the East Building fall into four tiers: 1) Basic Scanner Access, including Project-Based Volume Discounts; 2) All-Inclusive Scanner Service, including Project-Based Volume Discounts; 3) Low Priority Time-Block Access; 4) Pre-Pilot Access Rates. Each of these scanner charging rates is detailed below; rates quoted are uniform for weekdays, nights, and weekends; rates are effective February 1, 2017.

  1. Basic Scanner Access, including Project-Based Volume Discounts:
  • Basic Scanner Access rates are based on the assumption that salary sourcing for required personnel is provided separately (e.g., Facility staff, postdoctoral researchers, graduate students).
  • Hourly rates are calculated on a per project basis, based upon usage within a designated 12-month period:
    • Scanner usage, hours 1 – 100: $125/scanner hour
    • Scanner usage, hours 101 – 200: $100/scanner hour
    • Scanner usage, hours 201 – 300: $75/scanner hour
    • Scanner usage, hours 301 and above: $30/scanner hour
  • The hourly-rate, volume discounts described above apply to scanner usage for a single, defined research program, e.g., as defined by a specific grant or contract such as a NIH R01, R21, or K-type award. An imaging core within a center or program-project-type grant qualifies for hourly-rate, volume discounts to serve the entire program.
  • For the purposes of applying these project-based volume discounts, the PI for a project may specify any desired starting date for the 12-month period over which scanner usage will accumulate.
  • At the end of the designated 12-month period, the cumulative scanner usage clock resets to zero, and the hourly rate (for the first 100 subsequent hours of scanner usage) reverts to $125/hour.
  1. All-Inclusive Scanner Service, including Project-Based Volume Discounts:
  • “Full Service” rates are the above Basic Scanner Access rates + $150 (i.e., first 100 hours are at $275/hour; next 100 hours are at $250/hour; etc.).
  • Service work by Facility staff whose salaries are not compensated directly for the project (e.g., by grant or contract salary sourcing), includes data collection and basic image processing (e.g., magnitude images, T1 and T2 maps, DTI parametric maps).
  • Siteman Cancer Center and IDDRC Members receive All-Inclusive Scanner Service at Basic Facility Access rates.

[* Non-corporate-sponsored external (non-WU) research is billed at these same rates, but incurs an additional Dean’s administrative fee, currently (as per June 2015) 20% of the Facility charge. For example, a Facility bill of $2,000 for non-corporate-sponsored WU-research would translate to a $2,400 charge for the same non-corporate-sponsored external (non-WU) research.]

Low-Priority Time-Block Access

  1. Charges are assessed based on a full, 12-hour time-block of scanner time. There is no pro-rating for shorter (< 12 hour) usage.
  • Contiguous, data-acquisition blocks of 12 or more hours are available at a rate of $75/hour (minimum billing of 12 hours; $900) for the first 420 hours (e.g., 35 twelve-hour blocks, annually); and a rate of $30/hour (minimum billing of 12 hours; $360) for usage beyond 420 hours, annually.
  • Blocks are a minimum of 12 hours in length; usage of less than 12 hours will not be pro-rated.
  • Users may sign up for blocks no more than 36 hours in advance of the start time within a standard two-week booking cycle.
  • Users will login to the scanner using a designated “Block Rate” project.
  • These charges are for investigators who setup/run their own experiments or when salary sourcing for required Facility personnel is provided independently. If investigators require experiments to be setup and run by Facility personnel for whom salary sourcing is not provided independently, time for data collection, processing, and analysis (“Full Service”) will be billed separately (see below).

Pre-Pilot Access

  1. New “Pre-Pilot” projects that have immediate plans to submit an application for MIR Pilot Scan or other funding can request up to 10 hours of scanner time at the reduced rate of $50/hour.

Image Processing and Protocol Consultation
$50/hour, to be negotiated on an individual basis.

Other Considerations
Each project, including the “Low-Priority Time-Block” project, will have its own annual renewal date, on which the Bulk-Discount Rate resets to $125/hour and the “Time-Block Rate” to $900/12-hour block. We will send reminders to PI’s one month before this anniversary date.

Small-Animal MR Facility Rate Sheet (PDF)