Radiology Clinical Research Core (RadCore)

Financial-Related and Miscellaneous Services:

  • Continual budget review and negotiation with sponsors as changes occur.
  • Grant budget monitoring, reporting and accounting of funds.
  • Research Professional Pricing; establish exam codes and provide research quotes.
  • Billing and Invoicing Services for professional services provided by Diagnostic faculty. Locations include BJH CAM, West County, St Peter’s, SLCH, Ortho Center, South County, and CCIR.
  • Manual billing and on-line billing in AIS when managed department-to-department.
  • Internal Audit review; project status, ad hoc CRF review, and project projections.
  • Grant Services including writing, editing, budgeting, project design, contribute grant specific sections, literature searches, etc.
  • Creating non-science section such as biosketches, other support, resources (equipment and facilities), letters of support, and uploading application on PI’s behalf. 
  • Assistance on future funding opportunities ranging from pilot to R01 level funding mechanism.