Radiology Clinical Research Core (RadCore)

Coordination Services Include:

General and Pre-Study Services

  • Coordination of funded research; federal, industry or department funded research
  • Pre-study start up activities; preparation, collection and completion of requested forms.
  • Complete site verification forms, 1572, CDA, liaison with JROC for contract negotiations
  • Participate in conference calls and study meetings as needed
  • Site initiation visits; in-house as well as attendance at investigator training sessions
  • Expertise in common imaging modalities; CT, MRI, X-ray, mammography and sonography.
  • Services available for experimental technologies, device interventions, and diagnostic tools.
  • Budget preparation and negotiation with sponsors. Work closely with PI, ORSR, or CCS as needed.
  • Protocol review/edit as needed.
  • Case Report Form (CRF) design.
  • Identify needed collaborators.
  • Arrange and schedule pre-study visits.

Regulatory Services Include:

  • IRB (HRPO) - new submissions, renewals, amendments, study closures.
  • Inform Consent review and editing.
  • PRMC and RDRC assistance.
  • FDA (IND/IDE) Support
  • Contact Patricia Rueweler for your specific needs, ruewelerp@mir.wustl.edu

Recruitment Services:

  • Eligibility screening, recruiting, enrolling/consenting and long-term follow-up.
  • Coordination of study visits, procedures and compliance checks.
  • Large study recruitment efforts utilizing advertising and multimedia resources.
  • Tracking and monitoring of study participant; follow-up visits, reminder notifications, additional triggers for subjects lost to follow-up, survey/questionnaire, etc.