Radiology Clinical Research Core (RadCore)

To gain a better understanding of services provided by RadCore, the following is a list of the most often requested services; however, keep in mind that this list is not exclusive of all services available, and RadCore welcomes new research ideas and innovations. Together with your direction, RadCore is here to foster and expand your research programs.

For questions regarding any services for your clinical studies, contact Darcy Denner, drdenner@wustl.edu, or Robin Haverman, havermanr@wustl.edu.

Note: The above list is not an exclusive list but has been provided as a listing of those services that are commonly requested. All RadCore members take great pride in the various areas of their specialties, experience and continuous training which include but are not limited to: mammography, device studies, CT, MRI, interventional, pathology, surgery, oncology, pediatric, neuro, tumor assessment, orthopedic, repositories and women’s health.