Preclinical Imaging Facility

Richard Laforest, PhD
Kooresh Shoghi, PhD

Laboratory Manager:
Nikki Fettig, B.S. Biology - five years working in the veterinary technical field before joining the Preclinical imaging team at Washington University in Summer of 2000.

Special Procedures Technologists:
Margaret Morris - Working with Washington University on both clinical and research projects since 1996.   Expert small and large animal surgical skills and data analysis capabilities.

Amanda Roth, RVT - previous animal hospital experience before becoming a member of the Preclinical PET/CT Facility in 2005.  Extensive surgical skills on both small and large animal models.  Also proficient in cell biology, maintaining our in-house cell lines.

Lori Strong, RT - with the University since 2000, serving the radiology needs of both clinical and research facilities.  Operator of scanning equipment as well as data analysis expertise.