Preclinical Imaging Facility

The purpose of the MIR Facilities Fund is to support pilot studies by providing funds to obtain scanning and facilities services including radiopharmaceuticals. The support is intended to help promising new faculty initiate their research as well as to provide seed money for established investigators to test new ideas in their preliminary stages and gather data to submit a proposal for external funding. Allotments are to pay specifically for services provided by the MIR research imaging facilities:

  • Cyclotron Facility (for radiopharmaceuticals)
  • East Building MR Facility
  • Small Animal MR Facility
  • Preclinical PET/CT Facility
  • Molecular Imaging Core
  • RadCore
  • 3D Print Lab

It does not support pass-through expenses (i.e., subject reimbursement, parking, consumables, travel, or equipment).   

Key factors in the review process of these application are: 

  • Quality of the proposed research or creative activity
  • Importance and probable impact the proposed work may have on the field
  • Potential of the project to obtain future external funding
  • Project design and procedures
  • Value for development of the applicant’s research potential and progress
  • Quality, productivity and current research funding of the applicant
  • Budget appropriateness

As it relates to the use of the preclinical PET/CT imaging facility services, please contact the facility directors to discuss your research project.   

Link to MIR Facilities Pilot Study Fund:  http://mirweb.mir.wustl.edu/sites/research/mirfunding/default.aspx


Kooresh Shoghi, PhD

Tel.: 314-362-8990

Email: shoghik@wustl.edu


Richard Laforest, PhD

Tel.: 314 362-8423

Email: laforestr@mir.wustl.edu