Preclinical Imaging Facility

We appreciate that you have chosen our facility to conduct your study and would like to remind you to add the following statement to acknowledge the Preclinical Imaging Facility in your publications and presentations.

The studies presented in this work were conducted in the MIR Preclinical Imaging Facility of the Washington University School of Medicine.

  • [If Cancer Related]: This work was performed with the support from the Siteman Cancer Center Small Animal Imaging Core.
  • [If using the Inveon-MM]: The Siemens Inveon-MM scanner was acquired under an NIH HEI grant (S10 RR 025097 PI R.Laforest).
  • [If using the IVIS]: The Caliper IVIS imaging system was acquired under an NIH SIG (S10 RR031625 PI. YC Tai).