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Pre-Clinical PET/CT Imaging Facility

Imaging Instruments include:

  • A Siemens microPET-Inveon MM for CT and PET imaging of mice and rats  in the same gantry. The PET component has field of view of 12x12 cm and is capable of a resolution of 17 mm. The CT component is composed of 4096x4096 pixel elements, 20 microns sampling, CCD camera and is equipped with a 30-130kVp microFocus X-ray source.   


  • MicroPET scanner (Siemens microPET –FOCUS F220) for imaging mice, rats, rabbits and small dogs. This system has a field of view of 8x20 cm and is capable of spatial resolution of 1.7 mm.

  • Fluroscopy C-Arm X Ray machine for large animal research.

  • A Caliper IVIS optical imaging system bioluminescence, fluorescence, planar X-ray and Cerenkov imaging of mice and rats.