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Pre-Clinical Imaging Facility

Richard Laforest, PhD
Kooresh Shoghi, PhD

Laboratory Manager:
Nikki Fettig, B.S. Biology - five years working in the veterinary technical field before joining the microPET team at Washington University in Summer of 2000.

Special Procedures Technologists:
Margaret Morris - Working with Washington University on both clinical and research projects since 1996.   Expert small animal surgeon with large animal surgical skills and data analysis capability.

Amanda Roth, RVT - previous animal hospital experience before becoming a member of the Pre-Clinical PET/CT Facility in 2005.  Extensive surgical skills on both small and large animal models.  Also proficient in cell biology, maintaining our in-house cell lines.

Anne Stroncek, RT - worked in veterinary technical field for 35 years prior to joining the Facility staff in 2005.  Currently runs scanning equipment as well as performing small and large animal procedures.

Lori Strong, RT - with the University since 2000, serving the radiology needs of both clinical and research facilities.  Large animal surgical skills and operation of scanning equipment as well as data analysis expertise.