NIAC Services: Education

The NIAC sponsors a number of educational programs, including the Friday afternoon lecture series, regular CNDA and NIAC tools tutorials, and occasional workshops run by external collaborators.  A calendar of upcoming events is available here.  Most educational events are recorded and are available below. In addition, several exclusive video-only training programs have been recorded and are available below.

Learn more about the NIAC Seminar Series

Fast Facts about NIAC Education:

  • CNDA training is held the first Monday of every month at 1:00 in the NIAC computing lab.
  • The NIAC Seminar Series is held at 1:30 on Friday afternoons in the large NIL conference room (Rm 2311).
  • Recent speakers include Bruce Fischl (MGH), David Van Essen (Human Connectome Project), and Michael Hawrylycz (Allen Brain Institute).
  • Upcoming workshops include Freesurfer and 3DSlicer taught by developers of these widely used applications.