NIAC Services: Computing


The NIAC provides a range of computing services, in addition to the automated processing pipelines available in the CNDA.

NIAC Computing Cluster: The NIAC computing cluster includes Linux cores and Solaris cores and will be expanding in the coming months.  CNDA pipelines are executed on the cluster and users can submit their own jobs to the cluster using the Sun Grid Engine (SGE) queuing system.

Computing lab: The NIAC houses a computing lab on the 3rd floor of the East Building, in Room #3334.  The lab includes a dozen workstations that are configured with a wide range of common imaging applications and packages, including Freesurfer, 3DSlicer, FSL, Analyze, Matlab, Osirix, and ImageJ.  These machines also have streamlined access to the supercomputer facility.  The lab is open to the Wash U community between the hours of 8 and 10 pm.  NIAC staff are available during regular work hours to assist users.

High Performance Computing: The Center for High Performance Computing (CHPC) is in the process of deploying a supercomputer system suitable for running large scale image processing.  The system includes 168 IBM Dx360M2 nodes, each with 8 cores and 24GB of RAM and 7 IBM X3950M2 SMP nodes, each with 64 cores and 256GB RAM.  The entire cluster has an integrated Infiniband network.  We are currently working with the CHPC to integrate CNDA pipelines with the supercomputer.  The CHPC will also be accessible by direct login over ssh.