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NIAC Research: Recent Publications

The following is a subset of recent publications that involve NIAC-supported research. This list is by no means exhaustive.

  1. Sarah Jost Fouke, Tammie L. Benzinger, Mikhail Milchenko, Pamela Lamontagne, Joshua S. Shimony, Michael R. Chicoine, Keith M. Rich, Albert H. Kim, Eric C. Leuthardt, Bart Keough, Daniel S. Marcus: The Comprehensive Neuro-Oncology Data Repository (CONDR): A Research Infrastructure to Develop and Validate Imaging Biomarkers (Neurosurgery, Jan 2014)
  2. Mikhail Milchenko, Daniel S. Marcus: Obscuring surface anatomy in volumetric imaging data (Neuroinformatics, Jan 2013)
  3. Mark McAvoy, Linda Larson-Prior, Marek Ludwikow, Dongyang Zhang, Abraham Z. Snyder, Debra L. Gusnard, Marcus E. Raichle, Giovanni d'Avossa: Dissociated mean and functional connectivity BOLD signals in visual cortex during eyes closed and fixation (Journal of Neurophysiology, Nov 2012)
  4. Abraham Z. Snyder, Marcus E. Raichle: A brief history of the resting state: the Washington University perspective (NeuroImage, August 2012)
  5. Kevin Archie, Daniel S. Marcus: DicomBrowser: software for viewing and modifying DICOM metadata (Journal of Digital Imaging, Feb 2012)