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Neuroimaging Informatics and Analysis Center (NIAC)

NIAC Lecture
NIAC Lecture

We supply informatics and analysis services for the university's neuroimaging community.

The Neuroimaging Informatics and Analysis Center (NIAC) provides a variety of services to Washington University’s neuroimaging community. Services include data archival, quality control, automated image processing and high performance computing. We facilitate high throughput, interdisciplinary neuroimaging research and enable the transition of emergent imaging and analysis methods into production-grade research assets.We provide secure, scalable data storage and processing capabilities to enable neuroimaging research. Our scientists and programmers can tailor these systems to meet the needs of individual investigators. NIAC services enable the university's researchers to study virtually every aspect of the brain, in normal and in diseased states.

We also host a Friday afternoon seminar series, workshops, and training courses and provide focused software development consulting services on a short-term basis. (Check our events for our NIAC Seminar Series Archive, featuring video capture of the talks in many cases.)