MR Facilities

MR Facilities is home to two Siemens PRISMAs located in Bay 1 & 2 and a PRISMA Fit located in Bay 3.  The PRISMA breakthrough design delivers maximum performance under prolonged high-strain conditions. Exciting new MRI applications deliver higher anatomical detail.

The PRISMA is a high performance 3T scanner, particularly aimed at demanding applications and clinical research. It has an 80 mT/m gradient set combined with a 200 (T/m/s) slew rate, enabling superior diffusion white matter tracking. The RF allows for modern parallel acquisition strategies such as multiband, simultaneous multislice imaging. What is more, there is parallel transmission of RF that allows for inner volume imaging (imaging a field of view smaller than the object without aliasing). The PRISMA also employs advanced homogeneous image intensity and shimming functions.

The PRISMA has the industry’s highest density head/neck coil providing superior SNR for extreme iPAT performance, with full coverage of the head and neck and seamless integration with the spine and body coils.