MR Facilities

Instructions to access the calendar (Bay 2 & 3 Prisma) to Office 365 Outlook  

Open Office 365 Washington University; log in using your wustl key account; click on the calendar icon in the bottom left corner; click on Add calendar; select From directory from the drop down; type in the calendar name you want to add; highlight the address and open.

Calendar Names:

NIL Bay 3 Prisma
NIL Bay 2 Prisma
NIL Exam_Room_1
NIL Exam_Room_2
NIL Mock_Scanner

To request scanner time, include the following in an email: date, beginning and ending time, requesting PI, NP protocol number, also request exam room and parking if needed. Indicate if an MRI Technologist is needed.

For Bay 2: bay2-users@npg.wustl.edu

For Bay 3: bay3-users@npg.wustl.edu

To release time slots, please send an e-mail to the corresponding bay address. 


General guidelines for using the facility

Each group is responsible for meeting their participants in the waiting area. Exam rooms are available for consenting, pre-scan testing etc. NO ONE is allowed to be scanned without a signed consent form and MRI screening form, all documentation is kept with the P.I., the facility does not require copies. Clean up after yourself and be sure to return any equipment back to original settings if you change them. Call the MRI Technologist (636-236-5436) if you have issues 8:00am-10:00pm Monday-Friday and from 8:00am-8:00pm Saturday and Sunday.
After hours user information

Access to the East Building and Bays will be restricted after hours. Groups wishing to scan after 6:00pm-6:00am and Saturday-Sunday will need personnel to have ID badge access into the East Building.   


MIR Funding 

The objective in the use of MIR-funded time is to stimulate the development of pilot data that has the possibility of achieving outside funding. This funding must be approved by the MIR Funding Committee.